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Pullen Real Estate is Owned and Operated by Dave Pullen, working in the home buying market since 2000. Starting first in lending, Dave received his Broker's license right here in Fort Collins. He knows Fort Collins and Northern Colorado, and understands the market.

People can find Pullen Real Estate down right boring!


Because at PRE, we attempt to explain EVERYTHING about your real estate transaction. How we make our fees, where the other agent make theirs, and what the differences are in Transaction, Seller and Buyers Agency. What you should look for when shopping for a home...and what to do to sell yours. We explain all the paperwork...and give you plenty of time to review what you're signing. Don't be suprised there seems to be a lot of paperwork...it is meant to protect you.

Plus, with our background in lending, we even can even assist you in reviewing information provided by other lenders.

Get preapproved BEFORE looking at houses!


    Just because you've been prequalified does not necessarily mean you can buy a house! There is a difference between prequalification and preapproval. The pre-approval process is much more thorough. Since there is no property yet identified to purchase, however, an appraisal and title search aren't conducted.

        You are in a much stronger position to place an offer on a house when you have a preapproval letter. Knowing you are already able to purchase a property could be the deciding factor if the property seller has more than one offer on the table. Plus, when used in combination with a good buyer's agent you could possible save thousands on the price of a home with your added buying clout.

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